Ballylagan Fishery is a 5 acre lake situated in the beautiful north coast area in the middle of a working dairy farm. The fishery is owned and managed by the Campbell family since opening to the public in 2004.

The land on which the lake is situated was previously a quarry in the 1900’s which was reopened in the 1970’s to provide a rock base for the ring roads of Coleraine. In 1989 it was first stocked for our private use and later leased out to a private syndicate for 10 years.

The lake is 28 feet deep and is spring fed by a constant flow of crystal clear water from deep underground. It is stocked with rainbow trout up to 20lb and has the added benefit of naturally breeding rainbow. The fish are hard fighting and are thriving within the abundant ecosystem.

The Campbell family welcome all to Ballylagan for a “true fishing experience” to remember and enjoy.